Femmecraft: Custom is Our Middle Name

Well, actually, if I'm going to be honest, Jane is my middle name.

But custom creations are at the very core of what I want to do with Femmecraft. I hate it when I'm browsing around, and think, "Man, I really like that piece, if only it were slightly smaller/black/available in different materials..." And I'm sure I'm not the only one. So I offer custom adjustments on just about everything my my shop. Want it to glow in the dark? Done! Want it in bright fuchsia? Done! Want it with extra glitter? SO DONE.

You also might be someone who has an idea of their perfect piece of jewellery in their head, but just don't have the time or equipment to put it together. If you are, message me and let's make this thing happen! If it's physically possible, I'd love to make your dream a reality. Tell me your crazy ideas, and we can make something beautiful and unique together!

All my resin is poured individually by hand, either into moulds or bezels, so some slight imperfections in the resin are (unfortunately) inevitable. I strive to avoid these imperfections as much as possible, but if you feel the peice you recieve is unacceptably flawed, please drop me a line so we can discuss a solution.

Pretty much all my pieces are limited edition, because unless it's wildly popular I'm unlikely to be interested in recreating something more than a couple of times. So if there's something you want, go ahead and snag it while you can!

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