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Just No Feminist Multichrome Glitter Brooch



You know how there are those times (usually when you're wearing headphones and someone tries to talk to you) that you wish your accessories could do the talking for you? NOW THEY CAN.

Whether it's a dude trying to buy you a drink you don't want, or someone trying to talk to you when you're trying to read, or simply a conversation you don't want to be a part of any more, this 30mm diameter (just over an inch) brooch has all the answers.

The hand drawn banner reads "No" inside a little heart, so no one can say you didn't say no nicely. The design is fixed against a background of multichrome flecked glittery polish, and sealed under a layer of crystal clear resin.

This brooch can be made with a different coloured background - just choose the custom colour option and I will be in touch with options.